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Hello EFT, Good Bye ADHD!

The non-medical, non-drug alternative treatment of ADHD and ADD for individuals, parents, kids and the family!

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Welcome to Focused Healthy Family and Focused Healthy Kids!

As a parent are you tired of:

  • Getting another call from school.
  • Feeling your buttons being pushed all the time.
  • Questioning whether you are doing all you can?
  • Treatments that don’t work.
  • Dealing with these overwhelming issues.

As an adult are you tired of:

  • Having a hard time concentrating
  • Decrease in productive with work
  • Impulsively making decisions that cost in time, money and effort
  • Not being able to stay on task
  • Loss of time at work due to illness

Our Focus is working the person who suffers:

  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Behavioral Issues caused by ADD and ADHD
  • Performance Issues caused by ADD and ADHD

At FHF we are able to:

  • Build self confidence
  • Eliminates fear
  • Release anxieties
  • Help learning and performance
  • Increases focus
  • Bring peace to the house
  • Inspire hope for the family and parents
  • Improve health and energy


I started working with Don when I felt like I had hit the bottom. I was struggling with a traumatic birth experience and subconsciously directing my hurt, frustration and anger towards the people I love most – my husband and daughter. Through our weekly EFT sessions, we have worked together to uncover some deeply seeded issues that have effected me greatly in my marriage, parenting and general relationships. After a session, I feel as though another layer of my onion has been shed and new light shines from my soul. Now four months later, I feel like a new person and a kinder, more loving mother and wife. My relationship with my daughter has blossomed. Now we rarely experience a power struggle, and I am able to redirect and release my frustration by utilizing tapping and surrogate tapping.

Don is a kind soul and approaches each of our sessions with the utmost care and truly without judgment. I feel like I can honestly express my feelings through tapping, and Don is extraordinary in the way he guides me through uncovering and healing past and current issues. Tapping is a daily practice for me, and I’m so happy Don taught me this invaluable technique.

Megan – Virginia