Kids Confidence, Parents Hope

Yeah, it’s here and bigger and better than ever. 2nd Annual Transformational Workshop…

“Painting a Coat of New Thoughts!”

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The non-medical, non-drug alternative treatment of ADHD and ADD for kids and the kids in all of us!

As a parent are you tired of:

  • Getting another call from school.
  • Feeling your buttons being pushed all the time.
  • Questioning whether you are doing all you can?
  • Treatments that don’t work.
  • Dealing with these overwhelming issues.

Our Focus is working with the child to the Child within who suffers:

  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Behavioral Issues caused by ADD and ADHD
  • Performance Issues caused by ADD and ADHD

At FHK we are able to:

  • Build self confidence
  • Eliminates fear
  • Release anxieties
  • Help learning and performance
  • Increases focus
  • Bring peace to the house
  • Inspire hope for the family and parents
  • Improve health and energy